Are passive funds over-investing in UK fossil fuel companies?

Are passive funds investing too much in fossil fuel companies? The think-tank Commonwealth delved into an issue regarding the financial sector, with particular attention on the UK, but that can be considered a worldwide phenomenon, starting from the US. In the paper “The Passive Revolution” by Buller and Hayes, it is shown that passive investments […]

EU presents amendments to the Taxonomy Act to accelerate decarbonization

EU presents amendments to the Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act to accelerate decarbonization But the choice of including nuclear and gas energy among the “green” ones was criticized by many On Wednesday the EU Commission, published the final text of its taxonomy for sustainable finance. The taxonomy is a classification system to guide private capital into […]

Build Back Better is not welcomed by automotive giants, why?

Build Back Better Act is not welcomed by non-US automotive giants, why? Biden’s Build Back Better Act has passed the House of Representatives on November 19th and it is now being discussed in the Senate. The 1.75 trillion dollars bill consists in social and environmental-friendly provisions, like Medicare expansion, Child Tax credits, renewable energy credits […]

Delhi faces a lockdown for air pollution

DELHI FACES A LOCKDOWN FOR AIR POLLUTION: The role of agriculture, and why can primary sector become an ESG investment opportunity Schools and offices closed, construction sites activities suspended, limitations to trucks circulation. These measures are not adopted to fight the pandemic, but another powerful enemy in Delhi: air pollution. The pollution level in the […]