Sustainability reporting? Maybe not too far

Sustainability reporting? Maybe not too far Last September, under the circumstances of its five years strategy review, the IFRS Foundation published on its website a consultation paper related to sustainability reporting, giving three months to interested parties to comment on it. The IFRS Foundation, the legal entity ruling on the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), […]

Bitcoins consume more energy than Argentina!

Bitcoins consume more energy than Argentina! In mid-February, the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance published the Bitcoin Electricity Consumption index, an online tool assessing Bitcoin’s consumption of electric energy to that of countries. The evaluation was conducted calculating the total USD mining revenues, then estimating the part spent on electricity and average cost per KiloWatt […]

Sustainable Issuer of the Year: Enel

Sustainable Issuer of the Year: Enel The company has been awarded the title Sustainable Issuer of the year by the International Financing Review (IFR), the world’s leading provider of global capital market intelligence. The award, obtained for the second year in a row, recognizes the company’s commitment to integrating in its sustainable-linked strategy new financing […]

Ministry for Ecological Transition: What to expect

As of February 13th, Italy has a new Government led by Mario Draghi, former ECB President. Among all changes, it was established a new branch of the Government dedicated to environmental issues, the so-called “Ministry for Ecological Transition” held by Roberto Cingolani, an independent politician. This new authority is supposed to replace the former “Ministry […]

Asset Managers and Sustainability Commitments: Where Do We Stand?

At the beginning of 2020, BlackRock, the largest asset management firm in the world, announced radical changes in its investment strategy and climate change engagement. Among the actions undertaken by the company, in January BlackRock joined the Climate Action 100+, an investors’ coalition that aims at supporting carbon emissions reduction of the largest corporate greenhouse […]

The First Italian Green Bond

A new and exciting achievement for the green BTP. The first Italian long term green bond is coming. The launch of green BTPs, that will be issued to finance environmental spending and the fight against climate change, is “imminent” and the Mef (Ministero dell’Economia e Finanza) is working towards the goal of a debut within […]