The first Sustainable Finance students associations’ network in Europe, gathering 15 students associations from 8 EU countries

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The network aims to function as a communication channel between students organizations across Europe and to connect them with leading sustainable finance companies, while fostering important reflections on the ethical and practical implications of investments. We seek to promote sustainable finance events across Europe organized by the network’ partner student associations. Alongside this, we will regularly invite sector-leading companies and institutions to share their perspective on sustainable finance and investments. The vision behind the network is to develop and connect sustainable finance talent across the European continent while building a better future for our society.


With the vision of connecting students with professionals and institutions, we shall always thrive to develop a sustainable future for constructive communication. We now seek to partner with leading companies and professionals to build a long-term relationship that can foster new ideas and further develop the field of sustainable finance across Europe.


The European Sustainable Investment Conference (EUSIC) is a new yearly event which will start as an online event in 2021, subsequently evolving into a hybrid model to reach all students and companies, moving to different universities for each edition.

The event provides opportunities for students to connect with prominent companies, institutions, and academics to discuss the latest developments in sustainable practices within Finance and to network with likeminded individuals. The event also gives students the opportunity to connect with companies and interact with their respective recruiting departments. Alongside company presentations, we invite professionals, academics, and institutional figures to participate in panel discussions touching various topics related to Europe’s future in Sustainable Finance. In future editions, workshops, a student investment competition, and an award show will be integrated to the event, which aims to act as a breeding ground for fresh ideas and discussions revolving around sustainable finance among firms, institutions, and students.


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