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Austria’s Road to the Completion of SDGs

Austria’s road to the completion of SDGs In 2021, Austria ranked 5th in the Energy Transition Index (ETI), which measures a Country’s progress in three dimensions: economic development, energy security and environmental sustainability. Only Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland ranked better. In the Sustainable Development Goals overall ranking, Austria also ranks 5th with a score […]

The Downgrading Trend

The Downgrading Trend Why many asset managers are implementing a more cautious approach to ESG classification  From January 2023 onwards, the second level of SFDR regulation will come into force, entailing new obligations on financial services providers and the introduction of RTS (Regulatory Technical Standard). Despite the SFDR’s honourable goal, its classification is creating a […]

The Earthshot Prize 2022

The Earthshot Prize 2022  The Earthshot prize is an award given to five winners that created some projects that could help our planet face some of the most important challenges nowadays. On 31 December 2019, Prince William announced the Earthshot prize after years of development. In particular, it would be given to five individuals or […]

The Key Role of Natural Gas As a Transition Fuel

The Key Role of Natural Gas As a Transition Fuel   In recent years sustainable energy has surely been the center of attention, with worldwide spending on renewable energy surpassing even that on oil and gas, as stated by Goldman Sachs in one of its latest “Carbonomics” reports. However, despite the overall growth of the investments […]

At COP27 UN Chief Calls For Climate Solidarity Pact

At COP27 UN Chief Calls For Climate Solidarity Pact  COP27: a new meeting was held the past few days, which further underlined that humanity has a choice, either to cooperate or perish. We are currently living in a situation where the Planet and its people are looking for some help, asking countries to make extra […]

Citi releases three climate research reports at COP27

Citi releases three climate research reports at COP27  On November 7, Citi announced the release of three reports regarding its climate research ahead of the 2022 UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Smarm El Sheikh, Egypt.     The first one, Climate Finance – Mobilizing the Public and Private Sector to Ensure a Just Energy transition, […]

One More Step Against Greenwashing

One More Step Against Greenwashing  The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is the financial market regulator in the UK, aiming to protect consumers, promote market competition and improve the integrity of the financial markets. The organization has recently confirmed that it is ready to release a set of new measures that will determine how different labels […]

Investors cautious about Australia’s green hydrogen ambitions

Investors cautious about Australia’s green hydrogen ambitions A particularly ambitious energy venture is currently being planned in northwest Australia as part of a pipeline of billion-dollar hydrogen projects across the country. The Asian Renewable Energy Hub is expected to cover approximately 6,500 km2 in the Pilbara mining region, with solar panels and wind turbines that […]