Protests and Sustaibable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Protests and Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation Friday the 30th of September thousands of students gathered in the streets of Milan protesting and claiming for the implementation of effective regulations and policies in the realm of sustainability.     Interestingly, one of the main centers of the protest was Piazza Affari, where hundreds of students and activists showed their lack of confidence and […]

ETFs: the surge of not-so-green ESG investments

ETFs: the surge of not-so-green ESG investments Following the two years of COVID-19 pandemic, confidence towards ESG investments rose as the sensitivity towards climate change and social issues became more widespread. Overall, the investment in Green Funds rose from 50 billion in the beginning of 2020 to over 200 billion in mid-2021, according to Morningstar. […]

Climate change or green transition: impact on corporate costs

Climate change or green transition: impact on corporate costs As the ECB stated the last Wednesday, the costs that will be incurred for climate change in the medium/long term will by far exceed the short-term costs to be incurred for the green transition. In a time when all major economists, the largest banking institutions and […]

ORCA, the new smart way to trap CO2 by Climeworks

ORCA, THE NEW SMART WAY TO TRAP CO2 BY CLIMEWORKS On September 8th 2021, Climeworks, a Swiss engineering start-up, opened its first Direct Air Capture plant. Orca, which has the same sound as the Icelandic word for “energy”, is located in the Hellisheidi geothermal park, near the capital Reykjavik, and it is powered by the […]

UK public supports “green taxes” proposal

UK public supports green taxes to achieve net zero A recent survey has found out that the majority of the British public would be in favor of a green taxes. Moreover, most of the UK citizens also support the idea that their government should increase spending to address environmental issues. These findings could potentially set […]


Business schools urged to integrate ESG in their core curriculum  Today more than ever, sustainability is at the center of preoccupations on the business agenda. Every firm is putting forward how it implements ESG principles, every manager is driving its team to make ethical decisions, and every shareholder is investing in sustainable fields.  However, a […]


The Biden’s administration should not ignore hybrid cars During the Earth Day climate Summit hosted by US President Joe Biden on 22-23 of April, the climate goals made at the 2015 Paris accords were revived; such goals include limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, an objective attainable solely through a consistent reduction of greenhouse […]

Banking Regulators Start Climate Stress Tests

BANKING REGULATORS START CLIMATE STRESS TESTS “Climate change has the potential to cause substantial disruption to our economies, businesses and livelihoods in the coming decades. Yet the associated risks remain poorly understood, as climate shocks differ from the financial shocks observed during previous crises.” That is the opening of the latest month’s blog post by […]

Tough Unilateralism  and the lessons from Tax Policy

Though Unilateralism  and the lessons from Tax Policy Which international summit can have a greater impact on the fight against global warming? Everyone interested in climate change policies knows about the upcoming COP26 that will be held in Glasgow this fall. However, that might not be the international negotiation to follow, the OECD one on […]

Amazon illegally fired two activists in a “David vs. Goliath” fight.

Amazon illegally fired two activists in a “David vs. Goliath” fight. Claims of unfair labor practices at Amazon have become very common over the last few years. Although Amazon’s starting wage of 15$ an hour is twice the federal minimum in the US, the working conditions and the labor practices implemented by the Seattle based […]