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A Global Carbon Price Is a Mirage

A Global Carbon Price Is a Mirage  Trading in greenhouse gas emission credits is likely to boom but unlikely to lead to a single global market  On November 29th, a GBP was worth €1.19 4,32. Gold costs $US1815 an ounce. But the price of carbon dioxide, a commodity of greater importance to the fate of the […]

Delhi faces a lockdown for air pollution

DELHI FACES A LOCKDOWN FOR AIR POLLUTION: The role of agriculture, and why can primary sector become an ESG investment opportunity Schools and offices closed, construction sites activities suspended, limitations to trucks circulation. These measures are not adopted to fight the pandemic, but another powerful enemy in Delhi: air pollution. The pollution level in the […]

Moody’s: the performance of a zero-carbon world

“Ready or not? Sector performance in a zero-carbon world” by Moody’s  Moody’s released a new report on Monday 8th November, for the UN climate conference in Glasgow (COP26). It analyzes the consequences of the transition to a climate-resilient and zero-carbon economy, compared with a scenario in which companies don’t take actions on climate change. The report shows that a complete transition through an […]

COP26 – Success or Failure?

The results of COP26 in Glasgow COP26 has officially ended on November 13 with the agreement of the participants to the Glasgow Climate pact. COP26 is the United Nations Climate Change Conference of 2021 and took place in Glasgow in the UK this year. It has been the third meeting of the signatories of the […]

BIG4 ESG: Risk or Opportunity?

BIG4 ESG: Risk or Opportunity? The Big Four, the ones who have been pushing the implementation of “Common ESG Reporting Standards”, have been accused in recent days by a group of 24 institutional investors (pension funds, banks, asset management firms, etc., managing a total of $4.5 bn), of carrying out insufficient assessments with regard to […]

Glasgow 2021, the end of coal?

GLASGOW 2021, THE END OF COAL?   In the context of the Coronavirus and recovery from global recession, climate change continues to impact, and climate risks are increasing around the world. COVID-19 pandemic has brought devastation to millions around the world, disrupting many parts of the global economy. Governments all over the globe have stepped […]