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The Intersection of Securitization and Sustainability in Global Finance

The intersection of securitization and sustainability is crucial in today’s global finance. As the industry navigates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges, understanding synthetic versus true sale securitization is key. The EU Taxonomy Regulation highlights factors for sustainable securitization, vital for market growth. Sun King and Citi’s $130 million off-grid solar finance deal in Kenya exemplifies this progress. Integrating ESG into credit ratings and addressing green bond challenges are essential for a sustainable financial future.

Embracing Sustainability: The Next Big Revolution in Business

Sustainability is the next major revolution in business, reshaping operations and presenting challenges. Companies can create value and gain a competitive edge by strategically transitioning to a net-zero environment. Early adoption of sustainable practices enhances reputation, customer loyalty, and resilience while mitigating risks. Balancing sustainability with profitability is key for long-term success.

Derivative pricing using ESG

Integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria into derivative pricing is transforming financial markets. This approach reflects the significant impact of ESG factors on investment performance and risk. ESG derivatives, including Sustainability-Linked Derivatives, ESG-related credit derivatives, catastrophe derivatives, and ESG index derivatives, are becoming increasingly prevalent. Their pricing involves traditional models adjusted for ESG factors, and the regulatory landscape is evolving to support their growth. ESG derivatives offer innovative tools for managing ESG-related financial risks and promoting sustainable practices in the global economy.

Austria’s Road to the Completion of SDGs

Austria’s road to the completion of SDGs In 2021, Austria ranked 5th in the Energy Transition Index (ETI), which measures a Country’s progress in three dimensions: economic development, energy security and environmental sustainability. Only Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland ranked better. In the Sustainable Development Goals overall ranking, Austria also ranks 5th with a score […]

The Key Role of Natural Gas As a Transition Fuel

The Key Role of Natural Gas As a Transition Fuel   In recent years sustainable energy has surely been the center of attention, with worldwide spending on renewable energy surpassing even that on oil and gas, as stated by Goldman Sachs in one of its latest “Carbonomics” reports. However, despite the overall growth of the investments […]

Investors cautious about Australia’s green hydrogen ambitions

Investors cautious about Australia’s green hydrogen ambitions A particularly ambitious energy venture is currently being planned in northwest Australia as part of a pipeline of billion-dollar hydrogen projects across the country. The Asian Renewable Energy Hub is expected to cover approximately 6,500 km2 in the Pilbara mining region, with solar panels and wind turbines that […]

How Biden’s administration threatens to sink US solar

How Biden’s administration threatens to sink US solar America’s biggest builder for solar farms has recently accused US President Joe Biden of doing more harm to the sustainability sector than the Trump administration, which has repeatedly been blamed for having a “dysfunctional” climate policy. George Hershman, chief executive of Solv Energy, the top installer of […]