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Austria’s Road to the Completion of SDGs

Austria’s road to the completion of SDGs In 2021, Austria ranked 5th in the Energy Transition Index (ETI), which measures a Country’s progress in three dimensions: economic development, energy security and environmental sustainability. Only Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland ranked better. In the Sustainable Development Goals overall ranking, Austria also ranks 5th with a score […]

How Biden’s administration threatens to sink US solar

How Biden’s administration threatens to sink US solar America’s biggest builder for solar farms has recently accused US President Joe Biden of doing more harm to the sustainability sector than the Trump administration, which has repeatedly been blamed for having a “dysfunctional” climate policy. George Hershman, chief executive of Solv Energy, the top installer of […]


MainStreet Partners: ESG Barometer report reveals 70% of European funds not sustainable MainStreet’s first ESG Barometer report analyzes the state of ESG integration in European funds, following the progress made since Europe’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) came into effect one year ago, on March 10. It shows that 70% of funds still do not […]

EU presents amendments to the Taxonomy Act to accelerate decarbonization

EU presents amendments to the Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act to accelerate decarbonization But the choice of including nuclear and gas energy among the “green” ones was criticized by many On Wednesday the EU Commission, published the final text of its taxonomy for sustainable finance. The taxonomy is a classification system to guide private capital into […]


Greener Energy Push will drive Inflation Higher Probably the most debated topic in Economics right now is the surging inflation rate. Economists across the globe are discussing its causes, its character, whether it is transitory or  here to stay, and the best policies to tamp it down. In the last weeks we have seen how […]

Can the Courts save us all?

Can the Courts save us all? Climate change it is not only a question of environment. Its effect will be permanent in modelling economy, society, and politics. This multidisciplinary impact requires a unite answer, the sovereign state is unable alone to have enough capital and political power to reach zero emission, the only way to […]

ESG-wise, business schools lag behind Europe’s corporate leaders

ESG-wise, business schools lag behind Europe’s corporate leaders   The business world is changing dramatically. Executives throughout Europe are in charge of promoting meaningful, responsible, and sustainable business, spurred on by legislative reforms suggested by the European Commission. European business schools should be in the forefront, yet they are at risk of falling behind. Many schools […]