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The Downgrading Trend

The Downgrading Trend Why many asset managers are implementing a more cautious approach to ESG classification  From January 2023 onwards, the second level of SFDR regulation will come into force, entailing new obligations on financial services providers and the introduction of RTS (Regulatory Technical Standard). Despite the SFDR’s honourable goal, its classification is creating a […]

One More Step Against Greenwashing

One More Step Against Greenwashing  The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is the financial market regulator in the UK, aiming to protect consumers, promote market competition and improve the integrity of the financial markets. The organization has recently confirmed that it is ready to release a set of new measures that will determine how different labels […]

Boosting investments in carbon removal technologies

Boosting investments in carbon removal technologies Strategies to reduce emissions – such as increasing renewable energy or improving energy efficiency – are not sufficient per se to reach the global temperature target. An analysis by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows that, even with high investments in […]

Are passive funds over-investing in UK fossil fuel companies?

Are passive funds investing too much in fossil fuel companies? The think-tank Commonwealth delved into an issue regarding the financial sector, with particular attention on the UK, but that can be considered a worldwide phenomenon, starting from the US. In the paper “The Passive Revolution” by Buller and Hayes, it is shown that passive investments […]

Investors cautious about Australia’s green hydrogen ambitions

Investors cautious about Australia’s green hydrogen ambitions A particularly ambitious energy venture is currently being planned in northwest Australia as part of a pipeline of billion-dollar hydrogen projects across the country. The Asian Renewable Energy Hub is expected to cover approximately 6,500 km2 in the Pilbara mining region, with solar panels and wind turbines that […]


MainStreet Partners: ESG Barometer report reveals 70% of European funds not sustainable MainStreet’s first ESG Barometer report analyzes the state of ESG integration in European funds, following the progress made since Europe’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) came into effect one year ago, on March 10. It shows that 70% of funds still do not […]