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How Biden’s administration threatens to sink US solar

How Biden’s administration threatens to sink US solar America’s biggest builder for solar farms has recently accused US President Joe Biden of doing more harm to the sustainability sector than the Trump administration, which has repeatedly been blamed for having a “dysfunctional” climate policy. George Hershman, chief executive of Solv Energy, the top installer of […]

Build Back Better is not welcomed by automotive giants, why?

Build Back Better Act is not welcomed by non-US automotive giants, why? Biden’s Build Back Better Act has passed the House of Representatives on November 19th and it is now being discussed in the Senate. The 1.75 trillion dollars bill consists in social and environmental-friendly provisions, like Medicare expansion, Child Tax credits, renewable energy credits […]

BIG4 ESG: Risk or Opportunity?

BIG4 ESG: Risk or Opportunity? The Big Four, the ones who have been pushing the implementation of “Common ESG Reporting Standards”, have been accused in recent days by a group of 24 institutional investors (pension funds, banks, asset management firms, etc., managing a total of $4.5 bn), of carrying out insufficient assessments with regard to […]

UK public supports “green taxes” proposal

UK public supports green taxes to achieve net zero A recent survey has found out that the majority of the British public would be in favor of a green taxes. Moreover, most of the UK citizens also support the idea that their government should increase spending to address environmental issues. These findings could potentially set […]