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The Earthshot Prize 2022

The Earthshot Prize 2022  The Earthshot prize is an award given to five winners that created some projects that could help our planet face some of the most important challenges nowadays. On 31 December 2019, Prince William announced the Earthshot prize after years of development. In particular, it would be given to five individuals or […]

How Biden’s administration threatens to sink US solar

How Biden’s administration threatens to sink US solar America’s biggest builder for solar farms has recently accused US President Joe Biden of doing more harm to the sustainability sector than the Trump administration, which has repeatedly been blamed for having a “dysfunctional” climate policy. George Hershman, chief executive of Solv Energy, the top installer of […]

Build Back Better is not welcomed by automotive giants, why?

Build Back Better Act is not welcomed by non-US automotive giants, why? Biden’s Build Back Better Act has passed the House of Representatives on November 19th and it is now being discussed in the Senate. The 1.75 trillion dollars bill consists in social and environmental-friendly provisions, like Medicare expansion, Child Tax credits, renewable energy credits […]

COP26 – Success or Failure?

The results of COP26 in Glasgow COP26 has officially ended on November 13 with the agreement of the participants to the Glasgow Climate pact. COP26 is the United Nations Climate Change Conference of 2021 and took place in Glasgow in the UK this year. It has been the third meeting of the signatories of the […]


Business schools urged to integrate ESG in their core curriculum  Today more than ever, sustainability is at the center of preoccupations on the business agenda. Every firm is putting forward how it implements ESG principles, every manager is driving its team to make ethical decisions, and every shareholder is investing in sustainable fields.  However, a […]


The Biden’s administration should not ignore hybrid cars During the Earth Day climate Summit hosted by US President Joe Biden on 22-23 of April, the climate goals made at the 2015 Paris accords were revived; such goals include limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, an objective attainable solely through a consistent reduction of greenhouse […]

Tough Unilateralism  and the lessons from Tax Policy

Though Unilateralism  and the lessons from Tax Policy Which international summit can have a greater impact on the fight against global warming? Everyone interested in climate change policies knows about the upcoming COP26 that will be held in Glasgow this fall. However, that might not be the international negotiation to follow, the OECD one on […]